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‘Asking tough questions to people in power by media, on decline,”: senior journalist Rajesh Joshi

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‘Asking tough questions to people in power by media, on decline,”: senior journalist Rajesh Joshi


Pithoragarh, Jan 8

Rajesh Joshi, senior journalist and a former editor of BBC Hindi radio, has said that the tradition of asking tough questions to the people in power is on decline and the  present situation is not good for healthy democracy.

Delivering a talk titled “Media and Democracy”, organised by ‘Sabhar Media Foundation’ at Almora a day before, Rajesh Joshi said that asking question to the people holding power is basic right and responsibility of a journalist. “Previously, governing parties and their leaders would consider and welcome tough questions from media with seriousness and openness, but that tradition is dying, ” said Joshi.

Joshi said that in a democracy, media has to play a crucial role in upholding democratic values like, transparency, accountability and freedom of expression.”We, the community of journalists will have to explore how unbiased and responsible journalism contributes to a healthy democratic society,” Joshi said.

He further said that mainstream and traditional media today has been facing the dangers of misinformation, sensationalism and impact of social media.”Even the journalists who are using social media might encounter obstacles in future due to proposed Broadcasters Bill being brought in by the union government,” feared Joshi.

Rohit Joshi of ‘Sabhar Media Foundation’ thanked Rajesh Joshi for his outright deliberation on the state of media today.”It is was the first media dialogue, we have organised and it would continue in coming days,” claimed Rohit Joshi.

People from different walks of lives took part in the dialogue and  expressed their satisfaction over deeper understanding of media and democracy in the present scenario.”The deliberations by the senior journalist, in a fearless manner made the audience enlightened on the relation between media with democracy,” said Vinay Kirola, a social  activist in Almora.


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