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RLEK rolls out menstrual sanitation drive

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RLEK rolls out menstrual sanitation drive

Dehradun, May 16

Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), a renowned organisation committed to social justice and sustainable development, recently inaugurated its Menstrual Sanitation Drive, in collaboration with Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd. The inaugural ceremony of the  event took place at RLEK’s Blue Star School, Mohand for the Van Gujjar community. The drive is aimed at community development and promoting cleanliness and public health awareness.

The event featured esteemed Dr Asha Rawal (eminent doctor and philanthropist) and Mr Amit Kotiyal (Head Quality, Sharon Bio Medicine Ltd.) as the guest of honour and chief guest, respectively, highlighting RLEK’s dedication to social welfare.

The organization’s Chairperson, Pratima Menon, spearheaded the event by elucidating the significance, historical context, and urgency of conducting awareness campaigns on Menstrual Hygiene for societal welfare.

The event showcased a carefully selected documentary on critical sanitation issues, focusing on menstrual hygiene, to spark dialogue and highlight the challenges in accessing sanitary products and information for women and girls in marginalised communities. Alongside the screening and exhibition, posters were displayed to enhance awareness. Interactive games, from puzzles to quizzes, also engaged attendees, promoting hygienic practices and further raising community awareness in an educational and captivating manner.

At the heart of the event was an engaging open session dedicated to empowering girls and women by encouraging them to voice their concerns and questions about menstrual hygiene. Expert speaker, Dr. Asha Rawal facilitated this session, promoting open dialogue and empowerment. Villagers were urged to share their experiences and seek advice, helping to dispel myths surrounding menstrual health. For further queries post-event, the organization’s contact details were provided to them and Mr.  Amit Kotiyal who graced the event with his presence and urged the attendees to not shy away and break the social stigma and difference created between male and female in terms of awareness regarding menstrual hygiene.

Concluding the event, RLEK, in collaboration with SHARON BIO-MEDICINE Ltd. as sponsor distributed sanitary pads, first aid kits, sanitizers and other hygiene essentials to attendees. This initiative addressed immediate needs and underscored RLEK’s commitment to supporting holistic health practices within the community. The provision of these vital resources aimed to alleviate the burden of accessing basic hygiene necessities, particularly for marginalized individuals and families.

Renowned expert Dr. Asha Rawal enlightened the participants, elucidating the menstrual process with a detailed diagram and addressing queries individually. She discussed vital topics including menstrual pad usage, hygiene maintenance, safe sex practices, and contraception methods, advocating informed decision-making for reproductive health. It was expected that Dr. Rawal’s expertise would empower the community with essential knowledge for healthier lifestyles.

Chief Guest Mr. Amit Kotiyal stressed the importance of educating both genders on menstrual hygiene and investing wisely in menstrual products to prevent health issues. Mr. Kotiyal emphasized the importance of embracing ancient practices, such as celebrating the onset of a girl’s menstrual cycle.

The event on menstrual hygiene was successfully overseen by the RLEK Team, led by Ms. Pratima Menon, Ms. Rekha Pundir, Ms. Vidhya Kumari, and Mr. Dharmendra Kumar and with the help of law interns who had volunteered from various prestigious National Law Universities such as NLU Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and NLU Raipur (Chattisgarh). Their diligent efforts ensured the event’s smooth execution, fostering awareness and education on menstrual hygiene.

RLEK’s Menstrual Sanitation Drive exemplified the organisation’s unwavering dedication to community empowerment and social change. The event successfully engaged and empowered community members to embrace and champion cleanliness and hygiene through a thoughtfully curated sequence of programs, including documentary screening, interactive games, open sessions, spirited chants, and resource distribution. As the echoes of the event fade, its impact will continue to resonate, paving the way for a healthier, more hygienic future for all and set the ball rolling for coming programs to be held in 8 more RLEK schools.


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