Books, knowledge can bring change: Dr.BKS Sanjay

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Books, knowledge can bring change: Dr.BKS Sanjay

Dehradun, August 25

Padma Shri recipient Orthopaedic spine surgeon Dr B K S Sanjay has said that the books are the best, cheap and permanent medium to bring change in the thinking of the people and to bring in any change in the people, society and the nation, the thinking of the people needed  to be changed. He was speaking at the induction program of Veer Madho Singh Bhandari Uttarakhand Technical University Dehradun as a Chief guest on August 24, 2023.

He asked the students to work for change in the people, society and the nation for good, since change in the universal law.  He shared the concept of   DRAFT (Do Right at the first time) because redoing and repairing once things are spoilt are timely and costly affair.

Dr Sanjay said that students are the future of the nation and should be concerned and work for  nation building  He further said that the quality of work depends upon quality of worker and quality of worker depends upon the quality of education, quality of education depends upon quality of teachers.

Dr. BKS Sanjay said that the Infact the teachers are the real makers of the society and the nation and the government should take care of all the problems related to teachers. He inspired the students to not only dream while sleeping but also during the day  and should nurture their dreams with hard work and dedication.

Dr B. K. K. Sanjay congratulated Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) team for accomplishment of ‘Chandrayan 3’ mission on 23rd August 2023. He said that in a historical milestone India has become first country of the world in reaching on south pole of moon.  He hoped that the dream of self-reliant India can only be fulfilled when every child will get good health, education and nutrition.

Dr Sanjay also said that behavior, knowledge and skill are the keys for success. Thoughts are primary source of any action and behavior plays an important role to change the thinking process. “Whatever we want to achieve we can achieve with the application of behavior,  knowledge and skill,” he said.

Dr Sanjay said that road traffic accidents have become an epidemic and 90% of the road accidents are due to drivers’ negligence. Overloading, over taking, over speeding, drunken driving and use of mobile phone while driving are behavioral problems. “Behavior can be changed in every stage of life,” he added


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