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Patrolling intensified in Darma valley of Pithoragarh due to presence of snow leopards

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Patrolling intensified in Darma valley of Pithoragarh due to presence of snow leopards


Pithoragarh,Dec 14

Following the spotting of a snow leopard at Bongling village of Darma valley of Pithoragarh district, Uttarakhand forest department has started special patrolling of the high Himalayan region.

“The spotting of a snow leopard in Bongling village( 3200 meters from sea level) was confirmed by an ITBP patrolling party two days ago and we also confirm it as a snow leopard since it was seen at same area last year also,” said Dinesh Joshi, Forest Range Officer of Dharchula range of Pithoragarh forest division.

According to the forest officer, he has gone to Bongling village along with his team and confirmed that snow leopard is often seen there in during winter months. ” The snow leopard are seen in the area when the villagers leave their summer homes and come down to lower valleys for winter migration.

“The snow leopard was also seen by Jayant Firmal, a villager at same time last year,” said the range officer.

According to forest officer, snow leopards have their habitats that are above 2600 meters high of Himalayan region, while the village of Bongling is situated at 3200 meters height in Darma valley.”The continuous presence of snow leopard in Darma valley also confirm about rich biodiversity of Darma valley and presence of several long searched rare Himalayan species including snow leopard in the area,”said the forest officer.

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