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Sukesh. C. Khajuria again demands chemical examination of drugs giving instant relief to patients

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Sukesh. C. Khajuria again demands chemical examination of drugs giving instant relief to patients

Jammu, Jan 15

Sukesh.C.Khajuria, a senior social activist who had earlier this month alerted the drug authorities of  J&K, has now again written a reminder with copies to Union Health Minister and other central and union territory officials  pointing towards the dangers of sale of such drugs and medicines which are reportedly providing instant relief to the patients demanding chemical examinations of  such medicines at the earliest.

The social activist had expressed his apprehensions related to the Ayurvedic composition known as ‘Batnashak Batika’, which is increasingly being utilized for the treatment of joint pains, particularly in patients who have suffered from ‘Chikungunya’ disease in Jammu and Kashmir.

He wrote to the drug authorities in J&K  that it has come to his notice that ‘Batnashak Batika’ reportedly demonstrates swift efficacy in alleviating post-‘Chikungunya’ joint pains, contrary to the conventional understanding that Ayurvedic herbal medicines typically facilitate gradual healing and recovery.  “Given the remarkable and expeditious healing attributed to this Ayurvedic medicine, I harbour reservations regarding its composition,” he added.

Sukesh.C.Khajuria who in the past three decades, had actively advocated various issues pertaining to the health and well-being of the general populace at state, national, and international platforms, wrote to the Drug Controller of Jammu and Kashmir, stating that they undoubtedly be cognizant of the prevalence of spurious drugs and concoctions in the market, posing risks to unsuspecting patients.

He further said that the quality of drugs is beyond the understanding of common man and it was the responsibility of the Drug Controller, which is mandated by the Constitution and law of the country to ensure the availability of quality drugs to the public and the market is free from counterfeit, spurious and substandard drugs.

He again requested the Drug controller to conduct a thorough chemical examination of the composition of ‘Batnashak Batika’  to determine whether any steroids or potentially harmful substances have been incorporated to expedite relief, posing potential health risks to consumers. Article 21 of the Constitution bestows upon citizens the right to life, and it is incumbent upon the state to protect the lives of its citizens, as mandated by the statute.

Sukesh.C.Khajuria urged the authorities for a comprehensive chemical examination of the aforementioned Ayurvedic medicine at the drug laboratory and subsequently, please disseminate the findings to the general public for the collective benefit of society. He expressed hope that earnest action by the authorities in the case would be beneficial for the society and dispel doubts and act as a deterrent if any shortcomings are found.

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