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Two adopted villages of Almora MP still awaiting development

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Two adopted villages of Almora MP still awaiting development


Pithoragarh, April 2

The villagers of Sunauli and Gosani, two villages in Almora and Champawat districts respectively under Almora (reserve) parliamentary constituency adopted by the sitting MP under MPLADS scheme, are still facing problems of road, health education and migration as the sitting MP failed to pay attention towards these villages after adoption.

The village Sunauli, 4 km away from Almora- Bageshwar highway, is native village of Sobhan Singh Jeena, a founder member of Bharatiya Jan Sangh, that later renamed itself  as the present ruling BJP, while village Gosani is village of four Gandhian freedom fighters in Champawat district.

“Our crops are being destroyed as the menace of wild animals is beyond control, unemployment has increased in village and village youths are forced to migrate in search of livelihood and we are asking the MP about his tall promises of changing the lives of the villagers ,” said Ramesh Ram, a villager from Sunauli Village.

The same story is that of Gosani village of Champawat , which was adopted by MP under the scheme on March 8, 2021.”The village of over 2600 population and 1400 voters had no facilities of health, drinking water, education and road, as the MP did not visit the village after adopting it,” said  Madhwa Nand Gehtori, a retired teacher and a resident of the village

According to Gehtori,  when he was teacher in the local  Government Inter College (GIC), 27 years ago , total number of students there were 1500 while today the GIC, Khatikhan has less than 100 students.” The promise of upgradation of local hospital,  opening of a  Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) in the village and converting the old tracks into modern roads have not been fulfilled,” said Aalok Verma, a villager on Goshani.

According to villagers of Sunauli in Almora, the village is still without road, with old  tracks creating problems for pregnant women and senior citizens.”We are still waiting for the blessings of the MP as despite been a village of potato produce, over 40 families have left the village in last 5 years only as the wild animals are destroying cash crops,” said Kala Bhakuni, a villager

The villagers have said that 1460 residents of the village is still waiting benefits of MPLADS scheme.”Absence of science subject in local GIC and paucity of water even under ‘Jal Jiwan Mission’, were another reason of migration from the village.

Ajay Tamta, Almora MP, when contacted said that though he might not have visited the adopted villages, but he has sanctioned sufficient amount for the development of these villages.”While works of  Installing solar lights, CCTV cameras construction of  drinking water tanks, public toilets have been done in Gosani village, over a sum of Rs.1.5 crore additional developmental amount has been sanctioned in last 5 years in  Sunauli Village of Almora,” claimed Ajay Tamta.

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