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Capacity building programme for headmasters of RLEK schools held

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Capacity building programme for headmasters of RLEK schools held

Dehradun, June 6

Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), a renowned voluntary organization committed to social justice and sustainable development, recently conducted its ambitious “Volunteer – Headmasters’ Capacity Building Training programme aimed at sensitizing individuals directly associated with running facilities dispensing education to students in rural and marginalized communities. The event featured esteemed Dr. Priti Krishna (eminent academic) as the Chief Guest, highlighting RLEK’s dedication to social welfare and sensitization to bring about inclusivity.

The organization’s Chairperson Pratima Menon, spearheaded the event by elucidating the significance, historical context, and urgency of conducting capacity building sessions for individuals working in the education sector.

The event dealt with demonstrations about challenges faced by students in rural and isolated areas in the hills of Uttarakhand especially in schools run by RLEK, focusing on empowering headmasters with resources to better manage classes and the schools they are placed in charge of. The resources were dispensed in the form of sessions conducted by  Pratima Menon, presentations organized by the interns at RLEK, and the screening of a movie meant for emboldening and educating teachers and headmasters.

At the heart of the event was a session conducted by Pratima Menon about efficient School Management tactics and classroom management skills for engaging students and help initiate a culture of learning. Dr. Priti Krishna facilitated and graced the occasion as the chief guest and enabled fluent dialogue. Headmasters were actively engaged in the discussion by encouraging them to share their views on the themes being discussed in the session and share their on-ground experiences when it comes to managing classrooms and the psyche and students. For further queries post-event, the organization’s contact details were provided to them, and Pratima Menon encouraged teachers to cherish the inherent creativity of students and the duty of teachers to nurture that creativity.

The event was successfully overseen by the RLEK Team, led by Pratima Menon,  Vidhya Kumari, and  Dharmendra Kumar and with the help of law interns who had volunteered from various prestigious National Law Universities such as NLU Patna, and interns from a variety of other disciplines.

According to Neeraj Kumar, a senior volunteer teacher of RLEK Mohand School and one of the attending Headmasters of the capacity building programme, “RLEK’s Volunteer – Headmasters’ Capacity Building Programme was an event which was an enjoyable and enriching experience at the same time. It was an event which has made me aware of skills I have already had and skills I need to nurture.”

According to Raju Singh Kaintura, a volunteer- Headmaster from the RLEK Hadiya School, “The Capacity Building Training Session was an event which shall decidedly help us become better educators and engage with students not only as teachers but also as friends who are on a journey together.”

RLEK’s Volunteer – Headmasters’ Capacity Building Training exemplified the organisation’s unwavering dedication to community empowerment and social change. The event successfully engaged and empowered attendees to embrace and champion the values of progressive education through a series of thoughtfully curated sequence of programs, including screening of a movie which would inspire teachers, interactive games and situations and open mic sessions. As the echoes of the event fade, its impact will continue to resonate, paving the way for a healthier, more inclusive education system which embraces change, a new frontier which starts with schools run and sponsored by RLEK and set the ball rolling for coming programs to be held in the future.


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