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Ruling capitalist again managed to install BJP: Provash Ghosh

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Ruling capitalist again managed to install BJP: Provash Ghosh

New Delhi, June 7

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI (C), a left party in his comments on the election results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 stated that the ruling capitalist class has again managed to install the BJP, its faithful servant, in power with the backing of huge money power, pliant administrative power, purchased media power along with extreme fuelling of Hindu communalism and cast divides with the nominated election commission remaining an indulgent onlooker.

Provash Ghosh futher said that it has once again proved that the bogey of ‘free and fair’ election is nothing but a limitless deception. “This election presented a most horrifying picture as the contending bourgeois parties particularly the BJP in its bid to any how grab power has crossed all limits in mud- slinging, hurling nasty abuses, in even resorting to vulgar talks and in peddling unending deceit and utter falsehood. This again proves that the much glorified bourgeois parliamentary democracy is reduced to mummified skeleton and replaced by fascist autocracy,” he said.

Commenting on the participation of CPI (M), he said that the CPI(M) as a social democratic reformist left party further disgraced itself by being lackeys of alternative bourgeois combination shunning the path of united left struggle. “People must understand that mere change of government will neither change their extremely poverty-stricken life and nor solve the burning problems they are reeling under. The urgent need of the hour is to organize and develop class and mass struggles under revolutionary proletarian leadership on the edifice of higher culture, ethics and morality as a prelude to end ruthless capitalist exploitation,” he concluded.

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