Dr. Kamal Ghanshala and Dr. Akanksha Gupta received the patent certificate from the Central Government

Another great achievement of Graphic Era University

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Dr. Kamal Ghanshala and Dr. Akanksha Gupta received the patent certificate from the Central Government

Another great achievement of Graphic Era University

Dehradun,  November 19

The faculty of  Graphic Era University  have made great use of artificial intelligence to turn the many hassles of physical exercise into a pleasurable experience.  The Central Government has marked its seal on the patent of the new invention by registering the names of two faculty members of Graphic Era.  This achievement is done by none other than Prof(Dr) Kamal Ghanshala, President of Graphic Era Group of Institutions along with other faculty members.

This invention, gives relieves from body pain due to heavy exercise and exertion. Not only this, in case of pain, this device based on artificial intelligence will automatically detect it and do everything from massage to training.  The team behind this invention includes Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, Founder President of Graphic Era and computer science faculty, Dr. Akanksha Gupta and Dr. Vishal Gupta, Associate Professors of Computer Science Engineering, Graphic Era Deemed University.  Dr. Vishal Gupta is working as Energy Manager.

This discovery will protect the feet, joints and knees from pressure during exercise.  For this, a spring with pads has been installed in it.  A motor connected to artificial intelligence will control such a spring.  In this way, the spring will absorb the pressure coming in the knees due to exercise.  Force sensors and fatigue sensors have been used to detect body pain sensation.  Based on the blood flow, the sensor will inform the device about pain in the body through the micro controller.  When there is less pain, this device will start indicating at that place.  Even after this, the device itself will release massage and ginger orange oil on receiving the signal of pain.  In this way, this device will turn exercise into a pleasant feeling by protecting the body from pain.

Not only this, this device will inform by giving a signal if any excise is done wrongly.  That is, the users of this device will also be saved from the trouble caused by wrong exercise.

The Central Government has stamped its approval on this discovery by registering the patent  in the names of Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, Akansha Gupta and Dr. Vishal Gupta.  This team has been given this patent for 20 years.

Akanksha Gupta told that this invention has been done by working day and night for one year under the leadership of Dr. Kamal Ghanshala.  Many people are unable to exercise due to arthritis, paralysis and neuro disorders.  Especially after seeing the problems of such people and increasing diseases day by day, I thought of making such a device.  The team took this idea very seriously and then the team started looking for a solution to this serious problem.  This success has been achieved after many experiments.  This device will also prove to be very useful for the patients.  For people who exercise a lot, a wrong step can land them in trouble.  This device will stop them from wrong step by giving alarm and avoid loss.

Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, Founder President of Graphic Era, said that being connected with every new technology of the world, faculty think of giving something big to the country and the society along with shaping the future of the youth.  This device is a happy result of putting that thought into practice.  Soon commercial production will be planned to spread the benefits of this device to the whole world.  This team is also working on creating a unique device to bring new happiness in the lives of farmers.

The event was celebrated with enthusiasm in the university campus today on getting this new invention and its patent of Graphic Era Deemed University, which has made a different identity in the world through new discoveries one after the other.


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