Graphic Era hill University shows way in production of exotic vegetables

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Graphic Era hill University shows way in production of exotic vegetables

Dehradun, Jan 12

The scientists of Graphic Era Hill University have succeeded in preparing various types of exotic salad crops in Dehradun by controlling wind, temperature and humidity.

The School of Agriculture of Graphic Era Hill University has grown these exotic salads crops through Nutrient Film Technique at its’ Brahamanwala farm. The plants include kale, lettuce, pokchoy, redswiz chard and golden chard.

Assistant Professor Dr. Manpreet Singh Preet, the scientist behind the project said that it has   opened a vast field to grow these European vegetables of winter season in the frosty and snowy places of the mountains.  Small farmers can get good profit by producing these profitable vegetables with this technique.

Dr. Preet said that soil has not been used to grow these vegetables, but they have been produced only with the help of water.  These vegetables are completely free of insects and diseases due to controlled temperature, wind and moisture. Rich in vitamins and minerals, these vegetables are in great demand in foreign markets.

Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, Chairman, Graphic Era Group of Institutions, while congratulating the scientists on this achievement, said that this could help farmers whose crops get damaged due to snow and frost.

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