Tabla playing record attempt at Graphic Era Global School

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Tabla playing record attempt at Graphic Era Global School

Dehradun, May 23

Pratyaksha, a student of Graphic Era Global School (GEGS) attempted to set a new national record by playing Tabla continuously for one hour and 47 minutes here on Monday. Uncut video recording of the class VII student’s attempt has been sent to the India Book of Records.

Pratyaksha started playing Tabla in the GEGS auditorium at 2.30 pm and his fingers continued tapping on Indian music’s most used instrument till 4:17 pm. Official observers remained present throughout the event.

Twelve-year-old Pratyaksha started playing Tabla when he was five. Determined to set a new record, Pratyaksha was seen playing different rhythms on Tabla during his attempt. His father, Dr Sanjeev Kumar is HOD, department of Civil Engineering at Graphic Era Deemed University.


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