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Sri Aurobindo’s thoughts relevant today also: Padma Shri Dr. B.K.S.Sanjay

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Sri Aurobindo’s thoughts relevant today also: Padma Shri Dr. B.K.S.Sanjay

Dehradun, April 7

The annual conference of Sri Aurobindo Society Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand State Committee was organized at Aurovalley Ashram Rishidwar, Raiwala on April 6-7, 2024. The conference on the theme “Sanatan culture and nationalism in the light of Sri Aurobindo” was inaugurated by Chief Guest Padma Shri Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay, founder president of Sri Aurobindo Society Swami Brahmdev, committee chairman, Vishnu Prakash Goyal, former committee chairman Dr. J. P. Singh Secretary of Zonal Committee Arun Kumar Vyas.

Padma Shri Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay along with other guests paid floral tribute to Shri Aurobindo before his address.

Dr BKS Sanjay said that Aurobindo was a multi-talented person who dedicated his entire life to serve the nation and had revolutionary ideas in his own way which linked yoga, philosophy and culture with nationalism. Padma Shri recipient orthopaedic surgeon Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay said that thought is the primary source of all action and to change someone then there is need to change his thoughts and education could be an an effective and simple medium to do so.

Dr. Sanjay in his address said that Shri Aurobindo wrote in a letter to his wife Mrinalini ji on 30 August 1905, ” I don’t say that the work will be accomplished during my lifetime he said but it is my madness that I look up my country as the mother. I adore her, I worship her as a mother”.

On the day of independence on 15 August 1947 which was the birthday of free India and 75th birthday of Shri Aurobindo who issued the statement that this day marks the end of an old era, the start of a new age. “Now the time has come to get up, the period of decline has passed. Dawn is about to happen. The sun of India’s destiny will rise, the whole country will be illuminated by its influence, then this light will come from India and will illuminate Asia and after Asia, the whole world will be illuminated,” he said.

Guinness world record holder Dr. Sanjay hoped that when our country will be celebrating 100 years of independence, it would be a developed country and achieved the status of ‘vishwa guru’. Dr Sanjay said that he was sure that some of us will be witness to it and the  prediction made by Shri Aurobindo almost 100 years ago would be filled.

The founder president of Sri Aurobindo Society, Swami Brahmdev in his address asked whether life is for staying alive only or living thoughtfully? Dr. J. P. Singh said that India is a country in which the seeds of spirituality have been sown for thousands of years ago. Nationalism should be seen in the context of culture and he appealed that we should follow Sri Aurobindo’s principle of “whole life is yoga”. Vishnu Kumar Goyal said that he wished to serve the nation through Sri Aurobindo Society throughout his life. Secretary of Zonal Committee, Arun Kumar Vyas said the culture is not formed within a day but over the period of thousands of years. Dr. Anil Vajpayee said that the chief guest of the program Padma Shri Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay’s statement was full of energy and his wonderful thoughts towards culture and nationalism are commendable. He expressed his gratitude to the chief guest, other guests, dignitaries and delegates present in the program.

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