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Father-son doctor duo on a mission to reduce road accidents

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Father-son doctor duo on a mission to reduce road accidents

Dehradun, May 14

Sanjay Orthopaedic, Spine & Maternity Centre and SHEWA Society organized a week long free public awareness lectures on occasion of 8th UN Global Road Safety Week  from May 10 to 14 2024 at various institutions school and colleges.

Giving information about the initiative, Padma Shri recipient Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay and Dr. Gaurav Sanjay, an India and International Record Holder, both orthopaedic surgeons, held a press conference in Uttarakhand Press Club, Dehradun,Today.

Dr B. K. S. Sanjay informed that according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) reports nearly 5 lakh accidents are happening every year. Out of them nearly 1.5 lakh people are being killed in india.  As the nation is growing so are the number of vehicles and subsequently also the number of accidents are increasing day by day. According to a transport department data, India has only 1% vehicle of the world but number of accidents are 11% of the world as road traffic accidents have become an epidemic in our country.

Guinness World Record Holder Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay said that the impact of these accidents on the society and the nation is immense. Every victim of the road traffic accident becomes poor and poor becomes poorer. These accidents are a major hurdle in the growth of the nation and overall the entire society is paying a high price.

Dr. Sanjay said that his clinical study revealed that 90% of the accidents are caused due to drivers’ negligence. These accidents can be prevented and should be prevented. Dr. Sanjay appealed to the society to put the all-out efforts to prevent the accident and reduce the physical, social and financial suffering of the victims and their friends and families.

India and International Record Holder Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gaurav Sanjay said that his organization is running this road safety campaign since 2001. In this context, like last years, this year too, a week-long program awareness lectures were given in GRD Academy, Guru Nanak College, Jhajhra, Uttaranchal Ayurvedic College and Varni Jain Inter College, Dehradun and a pledge to learn and to follow the traffic rules had been taken by students, teachers and staff of the above institutes. It is a commendable initiative by them for the sake of society.

Dr. B.K. S. Sanjay and Dr. Gaurav Sanjay are spreading the awareness through audio visual lectures. Their organization has given more than 200 free public awareness lectures in various educational institutions varying from the schools, colleges, universities and various institutes of national eminence like AIIMS and IITs. This achievement has been enlisted in India and International Book of Records.

Dr. Gaurav said that major causes of road traffic accidents are over speeding, drinking and driving, using mobile phone, sleep deprivation and driver fatigue. Human resource is the greatest resource on the planet earth and he suggested that 20% of the fatalities in two wheelers and another 20% in four wheelers can be prevented simply and easily if we wear the helmet and seat belt respectively.

Padma Shri recipient Dr B. K. S. Sanjay, Dr Gaurav Sanjay and their team are spreading the awareness in the public about the consequence of the road traffic accident by sharing the suffering and the feelings of the victims and their friends and family members. Both the doctors have appealed to the public to learn and follow the traffic rules and also appealed to the government to educate and enforce the traffic rules. They said and they hope if it is done so, then the number of accidents and the resultant suffering of the victims and society will be the minimised.

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