Narendra Singh Negi again comes out with satirical Garhwali song against Pushkar Singh Dhami BJP govt.

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Narendra Singh Negi again comes out with satirical Garhwali song against Pushkar Singh Dhami BJP govt.


Dehradun,  Sept 3

Narender Singh Negi, one of the most popular Garhwali folk singer has again created a stir by his new politically satirical song titled ‘Loktantra Ma’ (In Democracy) which he calls a ‘Jangeet’, a people’s song. Already, 25,000 people have listened to the song since it’s release on Saturday.

Following an uproar over large scale corruption in various departments including Uttarakhand state assembly where leaders and bureaucrats distributed jobs to their own nears and dear ones, Narendra Singh Negi, who is one of the top most Garhwal language singer and poet, has hit out at the political class again.

Link to the song;

In his Garhwali song, he lamented that in the democracy of today, the elected public servants have themselves become ‘Kings’ and the general public which elected them have become like servants. He further said people of the state who have been cheated by providing jobs to their favourites through back door. He said that people would not let it pass and pay back these political leaders in the coming days.

Narendra Singh Negi has raised his voice against the political class and its’ corrupt practices since the inception of the spate hill state of Uttarakhand.

Earlier, his video album titled “Nauchami Narayan” depicting the going ons’ in the Congress regime of the state led by chief minister N.D.Tewari from 2002 to 2007 was a super hit. He again come with a new audio Garhwali album “ Ab Kathga Khalyuo” ( How much you will eat) having eight songs hitting out at the then then BJP led government of Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank in 2010. It had total eight songs with two songs with political satire. The theme of one of the songs revolve round the rampant corruption at the state as well as the national level.

The title song “Commission ki meet-Bhaat” is a satire on the functioning of the top brass of the state government allegedly involved in making money through commissions. The song also talks about scandals in the conduct of ‘Mahakumbh’, allocation of 56 hydro-electric projects and the alleged land deal involving Citurgia company. He was even handed when he also talked about the scandals in the Commonwealth games and 2-G spectrum involving the central government. In his second song titled “Machu Pani Paindu”, Negi sang about corruption reaching the lower levels of the governance.

The wording of one of his songs goes like this,” Chhappan Damku Dadwar, ke kain Banti-Banti re banti, ke Kain banti,, Citurgia ki Rabri, kathgoan Chati” ( whom you distributed 56 hydro-electric project,  who were the beneficiaries, Who eat the sweets of Citurgia land deal).

“ I have not targetted or identified anyone. It was for the general masses to draw their conclusions,” he said. The audio album was an embarrassment for the BJP at that time. Even earlier, “ Nauchami Narayan ”, a musical video sung by Negi having political satire  particularly targeting N.D.Tewari who was the Chief Minister at that time was a big hit in 2006 and an embarrassment to the  then Congress government.

The name of the album, ‘Nauchami Narayan’ meaning “Naughty Narayana” as the word ‘Nauchami ’ in Garhwali dialect means ‘naughty’ like Lord Krishna in ‘Rasleela’.

More than a lakh of  VCDs of ‘Nauchami Narayan’ were sold in 2006-07.

Following the sex scandal involving Andhara Pradesh Governor N.D.Tewari and his subsequent resignation, the song “Nauchami Narayan ” written and sung by Negi was in great public demand.

Narendra Singh Negi, the author and singer of the album had termed his work as pure fiction but the people of the hill state enjoyed the characters of his album as they were easily identifiable with their own Chief Minister and leaders. Characters in the album resembled the Chief Minister Tiwari and his deputy, PWD MInister Indira Hariydesh. A Tewari lookalike was seen singing and dancing with young girls in the video.

It was not only the live shows, where the demand of “Nauchami Narayan ” had shot up after Hyderabad episode. On internet, the song on  “you tube” has also generated lot of interest as there has been huge draw to watch the video again. There have been more than 95,960 hits on the song.

“ I had tried to depict the situation prevailing in the state through my songs ,” said Narendra Negi. (ends)



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