Hormonal Imbalance- a major cause of PCOS: Dr. Sujata Sanjay

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Hormonal Imbalance- a major cause of PCOS: Dr. Sujata Sanjay

Dehradun,  Oct 12

Presidential award winner obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Sujata Sanjay of Sanjay Orthopaedic, Spine and Maternity Centre, Jakhan, gifted her book “Mahila Darpan” in Braille script to the school management for the welfare of blind students  at Sharp Memorial Blind School, Rajpur Road, Dehradun where she was the chief guest at a function held on Tuesday.

She gave important information about the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)  problems so that women can get rid of this growing problem. Dr. Sujata Sanjay said that hormonal imbalance is one of the main causes of PCOS and nowadays girls have PCOS  from a very young age.

She said that it was a matter of great concern that many years ago this disease was common only in women above 30, but today the opposite is being seen. According to doctors, this disorder has doubled in the last 10 to 15 years.

Dr. Sujata Sanjay told that imbalance in sex hormones and the slightest change in hormones has an immediate effect on the menstrual cycle of a woman. “If this problem persists, then not only does it affect the ovaries and fertility, but it could also take the form of cancer. Actually, reproductive hormones are made in the bodies of both women and men. Endogenous hormones are also produced in the body of men, but the ovaries of women with PCOS produce more hormones than normal. This situation proves to be really fatal. These cysts are small sac-like formations, which are filled with fluid, these cysts keep collecting in the ovary and their size also increases gradually and this condition is called polycystic ovarian syndrome,” she said.

Dr Sujata Sanjay further explained that due to this problem women are not able to conceive since the disease is occurring in the reproductive stage in women.

She said that the exact cause of PCOS is not known, but it is believed to be both hereditary and lifestyle related.

Dr. Sujata Sanjay said that due to changing lifestyle, teenagers are struggling more with this problem. He said that out of every 10 patients, 6 adolescent girls are affected by it. Deteriorating lifestyle, unbalanced eating habits especially junk food like pizza, burger and other fried food and not exercising are causing problems related to hormones in teenage girls.

Dr. Sujata Sanjay said that girls should take special care of their food and consumption of greasy and junk food should be reduced. Green vegetables and fruits should be eaten regularly. Teenagers should avoid crash dieting, late night parties, drinking and smoking. “This problem can also be overcome through healthy eating and regular exercise. Apart from this, once a year, a diabetes or glucose challenge test should also be done If you have PCOS, you should immediately consult a trained gynecologist as it is not an incurable disease,” she added.


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