The Books are the makers of the society – Padma Shri Dr B. K. S. Sanjay

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The Books are the makers of the society – Padma Shri Dr B. K. S. Sanjay

Dehradun, February 27,

The release and panel discussion of ‘Upahar Sandesh Ka’, a poetry book written by poet and world famous orthopedic surgeon of Dehradun Padma Shri awardee Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Singh Sanjay was organized at ‘Literary-Ghar’ (Hall) of Vani Prakashan which published the book and Bharatiya Jnanpeeth at the World Book Fair 2023 held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

The World Book Fair is being held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 25th February to 5th March.

Professor Yogendra Nath Arun, a trustee of National Book Trust (NBT) said that the title of book itself suggest that it is the message to the society from the poet who is also a world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon conferred upon with Padma Shri for his compassion and zeal to serve the society which has been reflected in his poems like “Anubhav”, “Dadi kabhi budhi nahi hogi”, “Kokh se kabra tak” and many more.

Dr Shrinivas Tyagi, Professor of Hansraj College of Delhi University said there is a need to communicate which can be started with ‘Namaskar’ as it is reflected in poem “Namaskar” and in “Ganthen”.

The renowned senior writer, editor and critic Janardan Mishra said that there are not many doctors who are poet but one such doctor is a Padma Shri Dr B. K. S. Sanjay. I have already reviewed his poetry book “Uphar Sandesh ka”. Dr Sanjay has faced many obstacles in childhood but conquered all of them with his hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Professor Vijay Kumar Mishra of Gargi College of Delhi University said there is a need to communicate for healthy and happy society which has been very well represented in the foreword and in poem “Samvad” by the poet. Another poem “Pustaken” is very relevant poem during this world book fair. The poet believes that the books are the makers of the society what you read that you become. His poem has given a message to the readers about the importance of book which is very relevant during the world book fair.

Dr Darshani Priya who is writer, columnist and Editor Rajya Sabha said that the poems of Dr Sanjay reflect the views of poet towards the prevailing gender discrimination in the poems “Kokh se kabar tak”, “Maa mujhe na janna”, “Akshar” and “Prashav Vedna”.

Dr Sanjay has expressed his gratitude to Vani Prakashan publisher Arun Maheshwari and Bhartiya Gyanpith trustee Akhilesh Jain for publishing his first poetry book and other dignitaries and the readers. The program was conducted by senior writer and author Ashok Mishra of Vani Prakashan. The tone of the compositions of Padma Shri Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Singh Sanjay is very humane. The pain he feels for his patient as a surgeon, he has engraved the same feeling in his poems. Reciting his poem “Failav” from the book, DR BKS Sanjay gave the example of metal and said that ‘It is its quality to spread after being beaten, similarly, the more we struggle, the more we spread’.

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