Violation of traffic rules in India, a behavioural problem, need  public movement to reduce road traffic accidents: Dr. B.K.S. Sanjay  

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Violation of traffic rules in India, a behavioural problem, need  public movement to reduce road traffic accidents: Dr. B.K.S. Sanjay

Dehradun , May 21

On the occasion of 7th UN Global Road Safety Week from May 15-21, 2023, Sanjay Orthopeadic, Spine and Maternity Centre and SHEWA Society had organised public awareness lectures in St. Clare’s Convent School Mussoorie, Sanatan Dharma Inter College Race Course, Dehradun, Nirmala Inter College, Jharipani, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand Ayurved University, Dehradun, and Sanskrit University Haridwar through webinar and audio-visual presentation.

Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay, an eminent orthopaedic surgeon along with his family and his team is spreading awareness about the road safety for nearly last 25 years, explained about the need for awareness regarding road accidents at a press meet held at Uttaranchal Press Club ,here today.

His work has been acknowledged by India and International Record Book. Government of India has recognised his work and conferred 4th highest civilian award ‘Padma Shri’ in 2021.

India and International Book Record Holder Orthopeadic Surgeon Dr. Gaurav Sanjay said that every year about 5 lakh road accidents take place in our country. Out of that about 1.5 lakh people die and almost the same number of people become disabled despite getting good treatment. According to him the main causes of road accidents are over speeding, overtaking and overloading.

The possibility of a road accident increases while using a mobile phone during driving. He said that accidents happen in split seconds as little time as one takes out the phone from  pocket, look at the phone number or read the message.Such accidents result in 40 per cent deaths.

Dr. Gaurav Sanjay also pointed out that if four-wheeler drivers do not wear seat belts, the severity of accidents increase by 70%. All four wheeler drivers should wear seatbelts and two wheeler drivers should use helmet while driving. Dr. Gaurav Sanjay highlighted the various side effects of road safety and explained the do’s and donot’ s in case of any road accident.

Padma Shri Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay who has the experience of more than 40 years dealing with road accidents said that road accidents have taken the form of an epidemic, the main reasons for which are over speeding, overtaking, lack of sleep, and influence of alcohol. Use of mobile is adding fuel to  fire in case of overtaking and over speeding on roads.  Dr. Sanjay observed that 90% of the accidents are caused due to carelessness of the drivers which is a behavioural problem which can be changed.

He said that the purpose of awareness programme is to increase the awareness about the consequences of road traffic accidents. The habitual offender needs the counselling because this is the behavioural problem

Dr. Sanjay said that the higher the speed, steeper the risk, greater the fatality. After the accident the poor man becomes poorer and apart from economic, personal, family and social problems also arise. He further said many lives are ruined due to road accidents with rise in disabilities caused by accidents.

Through this press conference, Dr. Sanjay appealed to the people to contribute in reducing this menace because road accidents are acting as a hindrance in the growth and development of our country. The aim of every Indian should be to contribute in nation building in his own way. There is need to reduce road accidents and there should be a public movement to do so. It will be the great service to the nation. Dr. Sanjay administered oath to the students, teachers and staff of the school and appealed to the general public to learn and follow the traffic rules in their own and public interest.


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