Students force to cross swollen river go to school in a dangerous trolley

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Students force to cross swollen river go to school in a dangerous trolley


Pithoragarh, July 11

During the current monsoon fury when rivers are swollen following incessant rains fot the past five days, the guardians of over 50 students of Bageshwar villages, have to wait  on the bank of river Ramganga to take their wards to home who return from their schools from neighbouring district of Pithoragarh, crossing the river in a trolley which itself is  damaged .

These students have to reach Nachni town of Pithoragarh district from bordering  villages of Bageshwar, by a trolley in the absence of a bridge on the Ramganga (eastern)  river.

The 50 students, who have to go to their  schools in Pithoragarh from Bageshwar district hail from Bhakunda , Kala pair Kabhri, Chikia, Kishmila and some other villages situated on the border of Pithoragarh district.

“We, all 50 guardians, have to see off and receive our children in a rag tag trolley  to and from schools situated in Nachni town of Pithoragarh district. It is dangerous specially during the present monsoon season  as the rolley develops technical snags often and halts in between the flooded river,” said  Ganga Singh, Gram Pradhan of  Kabhri village of Bageshwar district.

The Bageshwar villagers  said that the suspension bridge that existed  on the river Ramganga  before 2018, was washed away in  the 2018 disaster and no bridge could be constructed in its’ place thereafter.

It is very risky to send students to schools by a trolley which is dangerous  and unsafe,” said Boby Bisht, Gram Pradhan of  Kishmila village of Bageshwar district.

The Gram Pradhan has demanded immediate construction of a concrete bridge over the river .” If such situation continues the education of youngsters could suffer ,” said the Gram Pradhan.

Tara Singh, Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) of PWD division at Didihat has said that to keep smooth going for students of Bageshwar district  by trolley ,during monsoon months, a home guard has been kept on duty on Pithoragarh side of the trolley. “We are also keeping watch on technical condition of trolley every time,” claimed  the SDO.

Bageshwar District Magistrate Anuradha Paul said that a motorable bridge has been sanctioned  for the spot and the construction will start soon.”I have recently inspected the spot, we will construct the bridge on priority basis,” she added.



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