Soaring expectations from CM Dhami in Champawat historic win   

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Soaring expectations from CM Dhami in Champawat historic win


Pithoragarh, June 4

The voters of Champawat assembly segment which voted overwhelmingly for the Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami to give him a record historic win in the bypoll  have high expectation from him regarding pending developmental works in their area.

The entire Champawat district felt elated after the victory and expects solutions faced by the region known as Kali kumoan region which had remained backward even after more than 22 years of inception of Uttarakhand state,” said Manoj Singh, a resident of Barakot block of the district.

“ It was quest for development that the people voted massively for the Chief Minister, since they believe that being the assembly segment represented by Pushkar Singh Dhami will accelerate growth and development of the area which remained stagnant over the years,” said Kailash Adhikari, a social worker in Champawat.

The first and foremost priority of development in the district are health and medical facilities which are in shambles for the poor people as district hospital is not functioning properly.” Champawat needs a medical college on the norms of central government policy of one medical college in one district  but before that we need a super speciality hospital in district hospital itself, but there is a practical problem since the land belonging to closed turpentine factory under KMVN, is yet to be transferred to the medical department, ” said Mukesh Maharana, a social worker in district.

Another major problem faced by the people of Champawat and Lohaghat is lack of sufficient drinking water facilities and mobile connectivity in remote areas. ” While Champawat people are waiting for Quarala drinking water scheme, the people of Lohaghat  need a lift drinking water scheme from Saryu river for permanent solution of drinking water shortage during summer months,” said Vinod Gehtori, a shopkeeper in Champawat market.

“Besides these major needs the Champawat people, specially voters of Tamli region, from where the Chief Minister started his election campaign, need motor road from Tanakpur to Champawat, ” said Vinod Kumar, a resident of Tamli region.

The people of the area allege that the state government had been delaying the construction  of the Tanakpur-Jjauljibi road due to pending Pancheswar project.

” It is still unclear when the Pancheswar project will come up or becomes victim of political  situations in Nepal, but we are the biggest sufferers of this uncertainty as s two of the  main projects namely, Tanakpur- Jaulnibi road and Tanakpur- Bageshwar rail line survey are getting delayed,” .said Prakash Joshi Shool, a social worker in Querala valley of the district.

“The Champawat district is also suffering due to lack of any industries which could provide employment to the locals.

Political watchers in Champawat say that the Chief Minister now will have to come true to people’s expectations of fast development of the constituency as well as the entire district and immediate solution of long  pending  problems that needs interference of central government, like road and rail connectivity.

” This is totally emotional vote, in expectation of miracle by electing a powerful representative in Chief Minister of the state. The Chief Minister will have to work in coordination with the central government to fulfil the needs and aspirations of the enthusiastic  voters,” said Chandras Sekhar Joshi, a senior journalist based in Champawat.


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